On Saturday 28 January 2006 21:33, Todd Relyea wrote:
> I apologize for another round of basic GEGL
> questions...

> To start with, I'm an electrical engineer with a
> programming background (multiple languages), and like
> many others I'm a fan of GIMP and would like to see
> it's development move forward (higher bit depth, CMYK,
> etc.).  Working on GEGL and getting it in to usable
> shape seems to be where the next big leap for GIMP
> will come from, and like many others, I've been
> slogging through the GEGL code trying to make sense of
> how it's supposed to work.

The quickest way to get a response seems to be: start doing something. 
Commit a small patch to implement something fairly basic, and see what 
kind of reaction you get. Said reaction will probably tell you a lot 
more than "blind" discussion. After a few such shots in the dark, you 
should be able to start committing in earnest.

Cheers; Leon

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