a new snapshot of the development towards GIMP 2.4 is now available
from ftp.gimp.org and it's mirrors. Please note that starting with
this version, GIMP 2.3 depends on GTK+ version 2.8.8 or newer.

The GIMP developers would like to encourage everyone to give this
release a try and to help us to identify and to fix any problems and
rough edges that keep us from releasing this code as GIMP 2.4. There's
still quite some work to do, but we would like to get a stable release
out of the door sometime soon. So any help with this is very much

If you want to try this development snapshot, please make sure that
you have read the release notes as published at

Here's a detailed list of changes since the last development snapshot
was published:

- depend on GTK+ 2.8, use some of the new features
- removed workarounds for problems in GTK+ 2.6
- moved Align Visible Layers to the Image menu
- started to add a new vectors PDB API
- make it more obvious that docks can be rearranged by drag and drop
- modified the behaviour of the Tab key
- added --license command-line option
- improved dither matrix for RGB->Indexed conversion
- added PDB API to stroke with any paint method
- gave some plug-ins more sensible names
- keep settings of brush/pattern/font/... button popups across sessions
- reduced number of memory allocations by declaring some strings as static
- some improvements to the plug-in preview widgets
- added links to important topics in the user manual
- let the configure script display a summary of options
- bug fixes and code cleanup

Happy GIMPing,
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