Scott wrote:

Sorry, I seem to have unwittingly stepped into some hornet's nest.
Novell? I have no idea what is meant. I'm just an ignorant user who
used to like the way gimp worked, I have no clue what Novell would
have to do with it now not working. It must be an inside joke.

This issue has cause a *huge* amount of bad-feeling and in-fighting in the past, so rather than dig it all up again, I'll just offer the two workarounds I use.

Firstly, I generally have GQView running behind the GIMP and use its internal image browser to locate files. I just drag-n-drop them into the GIMP's window. (You really need a window manager that will allow you to disable click-to-front for this to work well, though - i.e. not Metacity, unless you're up to patching it. That's another issue that's caused similar rows.)

The other trick I use is to set up an alias to gimp-remote in my shell, so if I want to open a file that's quicker to type than locate, I just type:
gr /path/to/file
That way I can use the shell's tab completion.

Ironic, isn't it, that a UI simplification intended to make newbies more comfortable results in me resorting to the shell...

All the best,
Alastair M. Robinson
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