On Sat, Feb 11, 2006 at 01:25:21AM +0000, Alastair M. Robinson wrote:
> Firstly, I generally have GQView running behind the GIMP and use its 
> internal image browser to locate files.  I just drag-n-drop them into 
> the GIMP's window.  (You really need a window manager that will allow 
> you to disable click-to-front for this to work well, though - i.e. not 
> Metacity, unless you're up to patching it.  That's another issue that's 
> caused similar rows.)

That is a good idea. I usually use gqview to find the 1st file I want
to edit, then Ctrl-1 - being very unmousy, I never thought to
drag-n-drop. I'm using fluxbox, so I'm sure I can get it set up to
work for me. Thanks! And for the gr tip too.

> Ironic, isn't it, that a UI simplification intended to make newbies more 
> comfortable results in me resorting to the shell...

I wonder; are we witnessing the coming-of-age of a new generation of
programmers who grew up *not* using the shell, and who therefore
overlook the importance of shell-like features in the GUI?

Scott Swanson
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