Stephane Chauveau <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> So I decided to have a look and I came up with a faster version 
> of plug-ins/common/gauss.c from 2.3.7.
> There was quite a few changes and the patch is too big to be posted
> here without moderator approval (>40K) so you can pick it from my
> web site:
>  http://www.chauveau-central.net/gauss.c

Can you please file a bug report for this change and attach a unified
diff to it? I will then make sure your changes go into CVS as soon as

> A lot Gimp plugins implement their own version of the gaussian blur
> (dog, unsharp, softglow, ...) so, if the patch is accepted, I think
> that it would make sense to move the core functions to a separate C
> file that could be reused by those plugins.

Perhaps it should go into libgimpmath?

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