Hallo all,

I am a GIMP user from Germany. I work in a company for large size printing (up to 5m) as an service and application engineer. At home I am using GIMP on a Linux machine. But now my questions: What's about colormanagement (CMM) in the GIMP? What is planned and how can I help you to improve the poor possibilities in GIMP and Linux. I am experienced in CMM and like to share this knowledge with you. But there has to be a lot of work for this not only in the GIMP, also in the LINUX. If you want to know somthing about that, please ask. Or is there something regarding licenses? That will be a pitty. In the GIMP I see only the implementation of the lcms-lib. This is not a starting point, this is nothing. Because you don't see really, what you do. I think there must be some developers only in charge for the CMM. But sorry, I am not able to write programs. But I can give you some stuff how-to.
I will be thankfull for any response.

Regards Andreas
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