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> Hello,
> I'm writing a painting program in Java for digital artists with
> network functionality and I'm borrowing icons from GTK+ and GIMP in my
> GUI. It's looking great! :-) Here's a screenshot:
> http://thor.artgrounds.com/home.php?action=view&id=4157
> I have a potential problem coming up, though. I might not release the
> source code of this program. As I understand it, for the icons
> borrowed from GTK+ this poses no problem, because of its LGPL
> licensing. GIMP, however, is licensed under the GPL.
> I'd like to know if the icons in GIMP are under the same license
> restrictions as the rest of the software. There's no such thing as
> source code for images. How can GPL be applied to the visual theme of
> a GUI?

I am not an expert in licences but here is how the GPL 
defines 'source code':

   The source code for a work means the preferred form of the 
   work for making modifications to it.

That has nothing to be with being a text file so my understanding 
is that images are also 'source code'. 

For images coming from a LGPL project, the solution is simple.
You project should be able to use them as long as they are not 
statically linked in the program. 
Do not forget that you should NOT REMOVE THE LGPL licence.
The safest way to do it is to distribute your program and 
the LGPL icons in 2 different packages.  
The situation is more complex for the GPL because GPLed codes 
cannot be mixed with  non-GPL codes even if their are not 
statically linked together.
The only escape I can see is that the non-GPL/GPL clause is not 
applicable to the data used by the application so that would be 
ok to reuse icons if they are considered as input data for you 
But once again, you would have to distribute the icons under the GPL. 

ps: I am not an official member of the GIMP team so the opinions
expressed in that email are not official.
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