Hey Camp,

nice to see you again ;)

The GUI of Gimp is ok and it has (like Blender too) it's own concept.

So i will try to fill the space of improvements :)

Campbell Barton schrieb:
Hay Bart! (Im also a Blender user)
But a long time gimp user too.

- How do I get into the persona's? as a 3d modeler and self taught developer , I have my own spin on the gimp for my work. However I seem to be one of the few people who actually like the gimps UI over photoshop.
Though of course theres room for improvement.

- Cam

Sven Neumann wrote:

Bart <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

my name ist Bart and i'm art director at area42 (www.area42.de) and
specialized in workflow and GUI design.

I have a lot of experience working together with developers and the
different points of view (the typical questions like: What is a good
feature? Who can use this? Power user or beginner? What's the
concept behind? What is possible? How users try to da this? What's
the view of the developer? etc.)

I helped the Blender people and developers with creating GUI
mockups, icons and workflow ideas. I try to do that in detail like
this: http://www.neeneenee.de/blender/features/

I'd like to help making GIMP better too and hoping that is the
correct list for came up withe mockups and ideas. If not please tell
me where.

Your help would be much appreciated.  We are currently trying to come
up with a roadmap towards a better user interface.  In my opinion we
should try to apply some of the established methods of user interface
and interaction design here.  I was hoping to find some volunteers for
this task at openusabilit.org (see
http://openusability.org/projects/gimp) but so far the discussions
have been difficult as many of the participants don't know much about
the subject.  It would certainly help to have a professional on board.

One of the projects that we started recently is trying to come up with
a collection of personas that represent GIMP user groups:

Since you seem to be working in Berlin, perhaps you want to join us at
the biweekly usability meeting at the CCC rooms? We are discussing and
applying usability methods to Open Source software projects. GIMP has
been the subject of discussion a few times already.  We are also
planning to do usability test of GIMP 2.3.  Let me know if you are
interested to help with that.

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