Right! That's what my post about: Gimp needs a much better support for
the PSD-Format. As i wrote it is the same thing that the users of
OpenOffice.org grows up after they have a much better support for M$
Word Doc-format.
Like M$ Word for text the Adobe Photoshop is a standard app for creating
graphics (nearly 80% of all creatives use it). Gimp is a great
application too but working together with others a much improved PSD
support is needed:

- Gimp did not recognized which layers of the PSD visible or not and
    show allways all layers
- if possible it would be cool if Layer-Effects could be converted to
- Text should be editable Text and  not just pixels
- May if Gimp supports one time herachies of layers it woulb be nice if
    Gimp could support them too

Frédéric schrieb:
Le Jeudi 2 Mars 2006 13:08, Michael Schumacher a écrit :

Up to now, there were none and using XCF in third-party apps has been
discouraged because of this - the format might change without notice.
AFAIK this hasn't changed yet.

Ok, I understand. So, Gimp really needs a good import/export PSD format filter.

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