Le Vendredi 3 Mars 2006 02:18, Campbell Barton a écrit :

> Hey Gimp dev's (by the way, how many gimp dev's are there?)

I'm afraid I'm not :o(

> it often annoys me that people value a program based on its support for
> a foreign format.
> PS Dev's dont waist time supporting other apps so why should we? (I
> know, cos Gimp isnt the standard.... :/ )

Yes and no. I think that Gimp should handle correctly PSD formats, because a 
lot of people need this, but XCF spec should also be available. This way, 
other programs could implement it. I don't beleive that PS will, but as I 
said, I know some developers who are ok to add XCF support in their 

Gimp is OpenSource, and its file format should be open too. And so, well 
documented. Even if it still evolves, it is possible to make something 
without breaking previous rules when adding new features. Maybe by 
providing an complete API, like HDF does.

> Supporting stuff like layer effects is okay, but Im guessing its not a
> small task...

I would love to see layer effects too ;o)


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