Frédéric ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Gimp is OpenSource, and its file format should be open too. And so, well 
> documented. Even if it still evolves, it is possible to make something 
> without breaking previous rules when adding new features. Maybe by 
> providing an complete API, like HDF does.

Actually the current XCF format has its limitations and we are not
really convinced that it is a really good (tm) format, it has some
pretty severe limitations.

There were plans to work on a next-generation XCF resolving these
issues. I too see the need for a widely accepted exchange format for
multilayered images with a lot of additional information, but the
current XCF format does not meet the "good enough" criteria.

The main documentation for XCF is in the source unfortunately, and for
the reasons above we don't encourage support for XCF.

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