Okay, so it turned out that I was still subscribed under an old email address, 
but my mailers sends everyone with the current one. Anyway, my fault, and  I 
would like to thank Manish for helping me out of my bewilderment. What I 
wanted to propose & work on after my 1.5 release is the following:

Cooperating on get an OpenDocument specification for layered raster images 
done and into the OASIS OpenDocument standard. Krita would use that format 
for its native format, of course, as all of KOffice is moving to 

OpenDocument automatically means some choices are made for us: a zip file 
store, a certain layout inside that store, and xml main document and 
resources for the binary data. Those choices may not be the best possible 
technical choices, but Krita already uses a similar mechanism and it seems to 

And since the Gimp and Krita have a different set of capabilities, we'd have 
to make a flexible and complete specification, one that includes all possible 
(possibly uninvented as yet) color models, adjustment layers, paths (which 
Krita doesn't have) and so on.

I would really like to cooperate on this, since a standard used by one 
application isn't a standard at all and since it would mean much better 
interchange of documents than would be possible through either Photoshop 
(ancient version 6 or reverse-engineered later versions) or XCF.

I'm prepared to do most of the writing & nagging of David Faure about 
procedures and guidelines, but I'm not knowledgeable enough to do it all on 
my own.

Boudewijn Rempt 

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