On Thu, 2 Mar 2006, Simon Budig wrote:

> There were plans to work on a next-generation XCF resolving these
> issues. I too see the need for a widely accepted exchange format for
> multilayered images with a lot of additional information, but the

As things stand the main option for image exchange besides XCF seems to be
a flat lossless format like PNG.  There is also PSD but that is not a
great choice either and one I thinke we'd prefer not to recommend.

Rather than mentioning a future possible ideal format I'd like to mention
MNG, which although far from perfect for all graphics tasks (print
graphics).  This is less than ideal but still a small improvement over PNG
because at least you get to keep your layers intact (and gimp does already
have some support for MNG).

I hope you will keep MNG in consideration as it might be useful until a
more appropriate format is developed.


Alan Horkan

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