i noticed that debian had a nifty software available today,
fullquottel - Tool for recognizing mails/postings in tofu/top-posting

"The program performs several tests to decide whether the mail is a tofu
mail or not. Each test produces a score. The final sum of the individual
test scores is compared to a threshold. If it is above it, the mail is
classified as tofu mail ('Fullquottel' is returned). Further more, the
score itself is returned as number and as a row where each score point
produces one *. Each test can be customized via a config file or on the
command line."

while i read that gtk insists (perhaps) on sticking to mozilla style
crappy and confusing text selection, i was thinking it might be nice to
start to manage the mail here the way the ettiquette instructions
suggest on the gimp web site.

any thoughts about using this software to help manage the berkeley gimp
mail lists?


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