Carol Spears wrote:

> i noticed that debian had a nifty software available today,
> fullquottel - Tool for recognizing mails/postings in tofu/top-posting
> style

I've seen such software, and also have posted through a server that ran
it and rejected messages that didn't match the criteria. Was quite
useful and probably prevented many useless mails and new postings that
would have come from this system.

> any thoughts about using this software to help manage the berkeley gimp
> mail lists?

I think it is to late at this stage, at least with such broken list
configurations that don't set Reply-To (yes, I know the pros and cons,
this is just an attempt to bait).

IMO this approach is useful as a personal mail filter or at the
submission level, but only blocking the list delivery is futile, because
many people use 'Reply to all' anyway.

searching for a Thunderbird extension now

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