with some help from Mitch we now have a nice little feature in CVS
that will hopefully turn out to be useful especially for newbies. The
CVS version is now able to display a short explanation for the
selected menu-item in the statusbar of the image window. We will
probably also allow to have this information displayed in a tooltip.
This allows us to give the user some hints about what all the
different menu entries, especially the plethora of filters, will
do. That should make it a lot easier to explore the GIMP menus.

For the core functions we use the tooltip field as registered with the
action that is bound to the menu entry. The code for this lives
entirely in the app/action directory. I have started to add tooltips
for some of the menu entries but I would like to see this work being
continued by a native speaker who is also an experienced GIMP user.

For the plug-ins we use the blurb as registered with the plug-in
procedure. Most plug-ins do already register such a blurb but all of
them need to be reviewed. Currently most blurbs are oriented towards a
developer who wants to use the procedure from a script. The blurbs use
terms such as "drawable" which must not show up in the UI. Other
plug-ins just duplicate the menu label or have useless blurbs such as
"No description". So someone will have to go through all the plug-ins
and make sure that each procedure, for which a menu entry is
registered, has a reasonable blurb. After review, the blurb should be
marked for translation. As an example I have done this for the blur,
gauss and mblur plug-ins.

We should try to find a consistent style for the descriptions. They
should be short enough to fit into the statusbar of a medium-sized
image window. The description should not duplicate the menu label but
give additional information. If possible, it should describe the
action using different words. Not all of the descriptions that I added
yesterday match these criteria. We will probably need to go over the
descriptions a few times, review and improve them incrementally.

Any volunteers for this job? You will need to work with the CVS
version but you do not necessarily have to compile the code (but it
probably helps a lot to do that). I will try to help as much as
possible but I would really welcome some help with this. Especially
since I am not a native speaker and this task is a lot about finding
the right words.

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