"David Gowers" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>      The blurbs use terms such as "drawable" which must not show up
>      in the UI.
>    Is there any less obscure term?  Most of the filters, if they
>    work on a layer, also work on a channel (the color related ones
>    being the main exception). Is 'layer / channel' an acceptable
>    substitute?

Not mentioning the target at all is probably the best solution in most
cases. I am open for other suggestions but I think that using "layer /
channel" is more confusing than helpful.

>      We should try to find a consistent style for the
>      descriptions. They should be short enough to fit into the
>      statusbar of a medium-sized image window. The description
>      should not duplicate the menu label but
>    I have no idea how big a medium-sized image window is (or for
>    that matter a medium sized image).

One that goes across, say, half of your screen? The length of the
blurb will become less of a problem if we also allow to have it
displayed as a tooltip.

>    I'd like to finish off bug #130123 first (get it to a state where
>    I know the patch is acceptable and it's just waiting to be
>    committed), then I will be happy to work on this.

I hope that Mitch and you can sort out the issues with this patch. I
know that Mitch and me agree that it is a good idea in general. So we
definitely want to have your feature in 2.4, it's just a matter of
solving the remaining issues with the patch.

However I would love if work on the blurbs and action tooltips could
start as soon as possible. So if there are any other volunteers,
please don't be afraid to speak up. I am sure that we can arrange
things to that multiple people can work on this.

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