i wrote a c gimp plugin which is called from an python gimp plugin. the
c plugin receives a FLOATARRAY parameter which it modifies.
the c plugin sees the values the python plugin has put into the
FLOATARRAY, but if it modifies these, this changes are not send back to
the python plugin.

how to made it work?
do i have to change my python or my c plugin?
do i have to modify gimps python-plugin-interface?

i guess some special converter has to be written to automaticaly
construct a python array from FLOATARRAYS.

an equivalent question:
how to use gimp_path_get_points from a python plugin?

here some samplecode:

def somefunc(image):

    floatarray = []
    for i in range(100):

    closed = 0
    count  = 0

    gimp.pdb.gimp_path_get_points(image, "path1", 1, closed, count,

    return floatarray

floatarray should be modified by 'gimp_path_get_points' but it's not.
how to get this values transfered to the python plugin?

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