On 3/21/06, Sven Neumann wrote:

> >    Well, in this particular case, I would just encourage to rename
> >    'Xtns' to 'Extensions'.
> The problem here is that the toolbox is rather small and if we renamed
> the menu as you suggested, that would push the Help menu off the
> window. Of course you aren't the first one who has brought this up.
> The general consensus here seems to be that we want to get rid of the
> toolbox menu in the long run.

When you say "get rid of" you mean distribute its menu items over
menus in each document's window?

And when it's done will toolbox still be an always floating window or
optionally dockable one?

Simply distributing menu items sounds like a fairly easy task.

P.S. Sorry for sending it twice to you.

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