I apologize criticizing GIMP for not having a Photoshop-like interface. After a bunch of more insightful replies (mostly Carol's) I realize that GIMP doesn't strive to be the Photoshop of the OSS communities.

I guess I have been blinded by the numerous GIMP vs Photoshop articles I have read, and that most distros specify GIMP as the Photoshop counterpart in their 'what is the linux counterpart of <insert common windows software>?'-tables aimed at linux newbies.

Besides being unused to the GIMP interface, the functionality i miss the most is the 'layer effects' of Photoshop. As far as i have understood, GIMP will not implement this until GEGL is ready, right? So if I want 'layer effects' in GIMP, I should contribute to GEGL first?

I read all the messages that created this flame war.
As I am the one who started this thread, I apologize for this too. However, I do not think this discussion has hade so many flames, though there are some, which is sad. To me this discussion has given me insights.

Thanks so far for all good replies to this subject.

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