On Thu, Mar 23, 2006 at 07:07:19AM -0800, Simon Roberts wrote:
> I've watched, somewhat intrigued, the discussions about abbreviations,
> user interfaces, and whether it's more important to have elegant,
> largely unused code, or massively popular code that perhaps isn't
> entirely clean.
> I'd like to add my perspective as a user.

And mine: I've never used photoshop, so I have no idea what its UI
might have that I would like. The point is, I am *used* to the gimp
UI, flawed or not. If, for some strange reason, I were to find myself
forced to use photoshop, I'm sure I'd be grumbling because it didn't
act like the gimp. From a user's perspective, there is nothing more
irritating than to have a familiar interface suddenly undergo drastic
changes. So please consider verrrrry carefully before performing major
surgery on it.

As to tabbed image-windows, which was mentioned in the discussion,
that is easily-achievable with the gimp in fluxbox. Seems to me to be
more of a wm issue, unless I'm not understanding what's being
discussed (highly likely...)

> So, I'd like to offer my thanks to the developers: it's a fantastic
> tool. I'd like to offer my encouragement too: you're doing a great job
> with very limited resources. 

Hear, hear!

Scott Swanson
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