Frédéric <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I recently compiled gimp from 2.3.7 tarball, and then from CVS, to
> test the new features. This version is installed in /usr/local, and
> uses ~/.gimp-2.3 config dir (which was generated from ~/.gimp-2.2
> the first time I launched gimp-2.3, if I remember).
> Yesterday, I tried to launch the stable version (from debian etch
> package), but it failed with a seg. fault. The problem seems to be
> the config dir used: the stable version (2.2.10) loads configs from
> the ~/.gimp-2.3, not from ~/.gimp-2.2. And if I remove ~/.gimp-2.3,
> Gimp launchs the configuration wizard.

You ignored the warning in the release notes that ask you to install
the development version in a separate prefix that is not part of the
system library search path. Or perhaps the release notes need to be
improved to make it more clear that gimp-2.2 will start to use the
gimp-2.3 libraries if these are installed in /usr/local/lib and
/usr/local/lib is in the library search path before /usr/lib.

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