On 3/23/06, Martin Nordholts <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello again!
> The first step for me to be able to contribute to GIMP is making it build.
> I have downloaded and compiled several libraries, but I am having problem
> with glib.
> I downloaded the 2.10.1 glib tarball from gnome servers, and ran
> ./configure, make, make install succesfully (well at least it appeared that
> way). However, when I run the ./configure it fails when it checks glib
> version.
> While I'm at it, why do you have to type ./configure? Isn't ./ just the name
> for the current directory?

Unlike dos/windows, linux doesn't search the current directory for
programs to run unless . is in the path.  Traditionally, . is not put
in the path because of potential security problems, although some
distros will put it as the last element in the path.  (putting it
before the last element can certainly be a problem.)

> Does anyone know why it gimp/configure doesn't identify the fresh
> from-source-installation of glib 2.10.1?

If you did a ./configure with no arguments, "make install" installed
glib into /usr/local, which isn't searched for by default by
./configure.  You can tell pkg-config to look there by setting an
environment variable.  Off the top of my head, I think it is
PKG_CONFIG_PATH, but you might want to type "man pkg-config" to make
sure.  So just run

PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig ./configure

instead of


and it should compile just fine.  You'll have to do the same thing for
every other ./configure you run that needs libraries installed in

(As an aside, the reason that the default location for installation is
/usr/local/* instead of /usr/* is because the files installed in
/usr/* are supposed to be managed by your package manager, while
/usr/local is the traditional location for system-wide installation of
programs that you've compiled yourself.  If you want to run the
development version of gimp alongside the stable version, you will
need to install it someplace else.  I personally use /usr/unstable.)

As Sven suggested, reading the INSTALL file should be helpful.  I
recommend you read all the UPPERCASE files, especially in gimp.

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