[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2006-03-26 at 2018.22 +0100):
> Sorry, I'm not sure exactly what detail in this screenshot you are
> pointing out.

You removed the part about my wishes for the topics being about stress
testing GIMP and make it move. That image is my test, like some people
have issues with "thousand pixel in each axis" images from maps while
others try to work with their 12 bit files from camera, and everyone
hopes for better and quicker results.

Just look at size of the layer stack and the scroll bar control... do
I need to explain how easy you get lost? Or how much time and clicks
you need to toggle the visibility of a set of layers that create
something in the image so you can paint behind? Or the undo mess it
generates as side effect? I am pointing things tried, and problems
found. Trying to drive the chat from the recurrent topics and replies
to new things, or at least same topics but new solutions.

Maybe a naive way of showing what is possible and questioning what
lies ahead.

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