Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
On 3/27/06, Campbell Barton wrote:
Hello all
This debate about the Xtns etc. has been going on for tooo long..
Can there be a simple solution?

How about move (Xtns) to (File-> Extensions)

The file menu isnt that full at the moment, and it seems a logical place
for it.

Huh? Logical? Why? :)


Hah. your right. its not exactly logical. but its a tradeoff
<Toolbox> File->Extensions (uses a word people can understand)
<Toolbox> Xtns  (Is in a place people see)

if you want to be picky- "Preferences" is not a file operation either. But there is no "Edit", "Options", "Settings", "Tools" menu on the toolbox to place it.

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