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> I think his problem is that he is trying to bucket fill a natural
> image. This doesn`t really work as there are too much colors in
> natural images and thresholding doesn`t really work.... (for example,
> try to bucket fill a gradient).

What does not work about bucket-filling a natural image or a gradient?
Sure, it doesn't make much sense, but it still does what it is
supposed to do.

> However, this gets me to an idea: We could build a "natural" bucket
> fill tool by reducing the colors using color clustering from SIOX
> and then fill.  The color reduction would have to be much more
> radical, like with limits={5,5,10} or even higher values. I guess it
> has to be user controllable at the end... but this is something that
> I miss in every image manipulation program. Maybe we can put this on
> the task list.

Can you explain to me why you would want to bucket-fill parts of a
photograph and why you cannot do that by selecting the relevant parts
and filling this selection? I am having problems to see the problem
that you are trying to address here.

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