"Nathan Summers" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Maybe I'm not understanding what's wanted here, but I get the
> impression that they're talking about a tool that you could use to
> e.g. change the color of a shirt someone is wearing without loosing
> the lighting and shading.  That would be a pretty cool tool to have,
> and I can imagine a decent algorithm for doing it, but I can't think
> of a reasonable way to do it with the existing tools.

Select the shirt, then use the Colorize tool on the selection?

> Again, yes, a useful tool.  But I think that before we go about
> making more tools, we finally implement pluggable tools.  To avoid
> the problems we had last time, I suggest that we come up with a sane
> tool API, implement it in the core, port several tools over to it,
> and then after it's fairly stable worry about finding a way to do
> things out-of-process.

Coming up with a sane tool API is the hard part. The current core API
is far from being sane.

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