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> On Fri, 2006-03-24 at 07:48 +0100, Marc Lehmann wrote:
> > Its not clear to me wether it can be improved. I personally think the
> > best way would be to have two modes, switchable via some setting. Some
> > people just don't want to use the mouse or wait till the program gets it
> > act together, some simply don't want to switch between tab and another
> > key. They can't get used to that, and its a drawback to them.
> Well, if the tab completion was as fast as the older one, we wouldnt
> have this flamefest of this length.

Maybe the issue is not the computer speed only, but disturbance in the
state of mind? That is my case, when I use tab in shell (or used in
old dialogs), I am asking for the help, no surprises. GTK dialogs keep
on poping a list and sincerily no idea why I should train myself to
ignore things instead of computer stay quiet until asked. And about
physical speed, moving hand out of the main block of keys is another
issue, mixing mind attention and physical work.

Personally I solved the issue... how? As some others have said, using
even more shell. It does tab completion, and even programable in some
shells (and disabling it is a handful of keystrokes in bash, C-a, type
any char like _ then do whatever you want without filtering, reenable
with C-a, C-d). So for open, I use gimp-remote or equivalent, for
save, save to somewhere default, then use function that implements
"move to cwd". I also get all the tools and tricks you can find in
shells, like going to /foo/project1/images/web/ then project2 with a
quick edit (and not having to play janitor later with bookmarks),
complex globbing or reusing output. It would be indeed nice to get all
that help and fast, but only when asked.

PS: Yeah, guilty of increasing the lenght of another "déjà vu" thread.
But at least I hope it becomes clear what cause the issues for some
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