I don't speak english very well as I'm french from Martinique... but I will try. I apologize before for my bad english.
First I wanted to say a BIG THANKS for the GNU Image Manipulation Program. I am a faithful user of this program since some years yet and i would like to thank all the developpers who invest time in this project to give to the masses the posibility to have at one's disposal such a tool to draw.

However as using the GIMP "all the days",  I couldn't help to admit: the GIMP interface user is a little "uncomfortable" to use.

It may be for this reason some have decided to transform his interface like a very known graphic software:  I'm talking about gimpshop software.

It for this reason I tried to review the GIMP API.
Before to show you that "review" I want to point out that I'm neither a developper nor a designer but just a user. And I don't know if other alternativ interfaces were suggested on this mailing list.

I would like you to give me your opinion on this:  you can access to the english version by clicking on the little flag on the top. this english version was translated by me: again I apologize for the possible bad words.

Good bye
Roland C.
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