On Sat, Apr 01, 2006 at 02:01:07AM +0200, Alex Fernandez wrote:
> Please read through the list archives to find these suggestions; maybe
> you can come up with a way to convince GIMP developers, since a lot of
> users have the same feeling as you do.
what you will probably find in the archives and in bugzilla is something
like repetition and the people who are actually working on gimp getting
bored and tired of it.

here is the real thing as i see it.  no one has a problem with changes
to gimp.  the very existence of gimpshop is evidence of this.

the gimp developers have their own opinions about gui and layout, but i
have seen them listen to people and such for a long while now.

the fact is, they are working on things that are more appealing to them.

here is how to get your desires into gimp.  write a patch and attach it
to bugzilla and deal with the peer review.

as a user who tried paintshoppro, photoshop and gimp at the same time
and opted to use gimp, i ask that you make these changes so that i do
not have to work that way.  have it set up in the preferences.

another really awesome approach to fixing this problem would be to write
a window manager for windows!  you would become famous and wellknown in
all of the software communities if you could accomplish such a task!

the standards for this window manager that all of the cool free software
applications have agreed to use can be found at:
http://www.freedesktop.org  so if you follow those guidelines, you will
be working with us and not against us.

if changing gimp only is what you want, please make your patch so that
it can be accessed via preferences so that the faithful users (not like
me, i am talking about the silent and perhaps majority) who like gimp
the way it is will not be put off or disappointed.

noise is one thing.  it is an important thing, but it is not terribly
useful.  at least not in the freesoftware world.  if you were a car and
complaining about safety, that is a different type of noise.

i can hear the silence of respect, can you?

back to the patch.  make it so that it is manipulated via the
preferences and attach the patch to bugzilla and be nice about the peer
review.  it is easy to work with them!

or, if working with the actual gimp developers is something you abhor or
are adverse to, maybe the people who brought you gimpshop are more to
your liking.

the thing about freesoftware is that much of it is up to you.  it is not
like there is only one way to do things.

and, a swift end to yet another noise thread on the list is the very
very best thing.



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