i cut a lot of really positive and good comments from this email.  i am
sorry to do that, but the format was difficult for this mail list.  did
you send mail in html format?  maybe the line length was too long.

at any rate, your email included wishing for an image browser based on
the MySQL database.  this is sort of an old url by now, but the original
gimp news person wrote this about that:

i will totally admit that i have no idea how much this applies to your
wishes, but one thing about the original gimp news person; he really
loved linux.

there is another thread on another list right now about the xsane
plug-in.  i mention it here because this might be a very good approach
to get what you want.  and if it is written properly with a good base
software, then all of the different art applications should/might be
able to benefit from it.

the xsane plug-in works this way.  you install xsane and it sees if you
have gimp installed and adds itself to the menu.  there are always
problems with this plug-in but it is dealing with hardware which is not
as simple or predictable as pure software applications.

it is difficult for me to imagine what it is that you want, especially
given the way that photoshop doesn't work on linux.  i tend to refuse to
use wine to get access to apps that do things that already work (often
better) here on linux.  but if you could find clever and ambitious
people who could possibly write this thing that you described and write
it in a way that works with all of the gpl'd applications, we would be
certainly getting somewhere and the total of all of these groups will
probably make the giants beg for mercy, or something like that.  maybe
quiver and die.  or even better, re-define themselves and provide a
better challenge next time around.

it would be a nice project for some new and motivated upstarts!

thanks again for the positive feed back.  microsoft tends to produce a
whine that is so irritating at times that the desire to remove access to
the software becomes very strong!  and that is no way to live.


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