Good Morning,

I read all your answers and i thank you for.

Thank you a lot Alex Fernandez, Robert L Krawitz, Alastair M. Robinson and Ministeyr
   You suggested me to use certain functionalities of my window manager and I found. Robert, what you proposed me get closer that I wanted to do. I will try to make a little video to show how. Alex, I understand now why gimp-developpers doesn't want to make such an interface: it is explain as you said in this page : " Unlike some other programs, GIMP does not give you the options of putting everything—controls and image displays—all into a single comprehensive window. The GIMP developers have always felt that this is a poor way of working, because it forces the program to perform a wide range of functions that are much better done by a dedicated window manager [...] it is almost impossible to do in a way that works correctly across all of the operating systems GIMP is intended to run on."
Ministeyr I'm not a good user of keyboard keys but this could be a solution too.
   As I said I will try to make a little video to show how my window manager (KDE) is able to respond to a part of my waitings.
   But the same "problem" persist, as Alastair pointed out : "Sadly that's not an option under Windows, and most disappointingly, not under stock Gnome either".

Thank you Carol Spears...
   but I think you have not understand my aim which was not to make noise but to improve.
As I said before, I'm not a developper (so I'm not able to make my own patches even if I would like) nor a profesional designer. I'm just a simple user who want to contibute at his level.
Another thing: I use the GIMP because it's the best alternative to draw and manipulate photos in the freesoftware world and I'm a GNU/Linux user for years now.  What is done in other softwares like paintshoppro or photoshop (and thus gimpshop) for example does not interest me here... and I think these softwares meet the same problems when it is about saving screen space to draw (on 17" screen). So I ask you the same question: Don't you feel the GIMP interface may be "uncomfortable" to use at lengh? If your answer to this question is no, I take back my comments and I will review my own use of the software.
   What I don't understand is the maneer you consider a simple user can contribute to a project. Is it only the developpers who have the right to their software or can the users bring their feelings about the use of it? If these users are not able to develope a patch don't they have right to speak?
   I respect the work of the GIMP developers creew and by propose my vision I don't think I work against them.

Thank you Sven Neumann...
   for the invitation, I will try to participate as possible as I can.


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