Hi Richard,

As my englis his quite poor, i'm not sure i've understood, but i try.
i have been teaching photoshop for several years. But in the same time, i was using Gimp and only Gimp at home.

It is always hard to change. Of course, Gimp will lack some features, if you see it from Photoshop's point of view. But take it the other way, and Photoshop will have to be improved too.

But i also feel sometimes that we can work much faster with Photoshop, but not always. And, in fact,I don't know if productivity is a good way to judge free software. I'm not sure.

Here is what ia can tell

1. Image Browser : there are many image browser, even free. The question is why developping one for Gimp ? There are so many things to do, and most part of developper are really working on so many things. But may be i have something that could help you. If you run Linux and have Gqview installed, I have made a simple C script that allows you to run it from within Gimp (Simple). I'm beeing modifying Gqview for a better integration, but i've not reach that point i can publish it. The script could be esaily changed for another app, if it can help. it's not including the DB feature you tell about, but i take it somwhere. If one day i become a good developer. ;)

2. Your proposal seem to be : more complete theming. why not. I've already propose on Sven's website to have profiles on Gimp that could allow very important customization for each Gimp purpose (an UI for a photographer, is not a goos UI for a 3d Designer : see Bart's proposal http://www.neeneenee.de/blender/toolbar.png : it is typical from 3d softwares. But anybody can already add theme. Just have to do some. Tango is particularly working on it. Just wait and see.


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