tor, so dark in this reply?
On Sat, Apr 01, 2006 at 10:50:17PM +0300, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
> Carol Spears writes:
>  > another really awesome approach to fixing this problem would be to write
>  > a window manager for windows!  you would become famous and wellknown in
>  > all of the software communities if you could accomplish such a task!
> Hmm, no. Don't mix up things here. The X11 protocol was designed from
> the start to have well-defined and well-separated special clients
> called "window managers" that do a specific job and are
> interchangeable, and there is no *the* standard window manager.
> In Windows, however, things are way different. Sure, there are some
> 3rd-party replacements for the Explorer "shell" (which is what
> corresponds most closely to the concept of window manager in X11). But
> I don't think one can seriously consider them more than fringe
> efforts. (Sure, I am certain they have a bunch of fanatical followers
> as fringe efforts usually have...)
what about an x11 emulator first then?

something like wine only to run on windows and make it easier to work
like you are on x11.

they could call it "whine" even....

it is the same computer underneath all of this stuff.  i find it
difficult to believe that windows sits on the same hardware so very very
tightly that a motivated and intelligent person could not make something
work there.


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