On 4/1/06, Roland Wild wrote:
> Alexandre,
>  In your example you don't have all the funcfionnality offer by the program
> (see
> http://docs.gimp.org/en/concepts-beginners.html#gimp-concepts-usage
> ).

I actually referred to the first screenshot, on which GIMP has
cluttered (to my POV) layout.

Why do I need all the functionality? I've been using GIMP for years
and the layout I shown is optimal for me. I can do lots of things
pretty fast.

>  1 You don't have on your screen the tool options box and if you want it, it
> is accessible after several clicks.

Not true. Just one.

>  2 When you click on your image window the main toolbox disappear behind.
> What do you do?

I did that screenshot especially for you. I do most of photo
retouching in fullscreen mode and toolboxes do not disappear. Besides
I have 1280x800, not 1024x768. I just tried to simulate your display's

>  Take time to read and understand what I want to say before answer.

I actually have had read before replying. Just like I have done
researching in bugzilla before doing very much like same mockup you
suggested :))

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