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> As director of photography for North American Women's Baseball League
> (NAWBL), I know that searching and sorting images can be very
> time-consuming work.  Using Gimp you could automatically transfer image
> metadata to tags.  It would be very useful to do a search involving all the
> images shot at f/2.8 or f/4.0?  All the photos shot with a particular lens.
> All the photos shot at ISO 100, or ISO 800.  Photos of women who pitch,
> play for a particular team, have a batting average over 300, et cetera.  A 
> game?
> All the photos on the same day.

Can't see why graphics manipulation application should have all fo the
above. Most modern trend is to have basic retouching tools, batch
processing/browsing and tagging in a photos browser (e.g. Adobe
Lightroom), because it's simply a more obvious and convinient way to
go ;-)

If you are planning to use GNU/Linux, I suggest you having a look at
Digikam, F-Spot, KPhotoAlbum (ex-KimDaBa) and Album Shaper. Album
Shaper is available for Windows as well. Most, if not all of them use
databases, and they will have all organization/tagging features you
need much faster than GIMP, if someone ever starts implementing these
features in GIMP.

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