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Another solution is that you could just have some special key (to set up in the preferences) to pop up the minimized windows. For example you

You should try tab key when over an image window... at least it does
something here. Control(+shift)+tab do interesting things too.

Thanks, didn't know of that behaviour of the tab key. But still, it is not exactly what i meant. Let's say you organize our desktop like that to keep the most space for drawing:
Then on a simple keypress (let's say, tab), the hidden windows appear all at once, like that:
And on a simple keypress, they disappear once again and you come back to the first screenshot...

The current behaviour of the tab key is not exactly that, it will sometimes make appear the toolbox, then it will select different tools in the toolbox, wich is not really needed (in that configuration, you'll get a tool faster with clicking once than pressing tab many times, or by using the specific tool key). Tab will sometimes make appear the other windows (tools options and such), and sometimes make everything disappear except from the image window. This is not predictable at all. Maybe there could be a simple "Disappear on tab" option to switch on or off for each window, and tab (or another key) would just switch beetween the displaying or not displaying of these windows, all at once.

There is also the option of displaying all of the minimized windows when
a specific key is held down, then re-minimizing them when the key is released. It is even more predictable, and easier to implement, since it doesn't need to keep track of wich windows should or should not be shown on key: only those minimized are shown. This is well adapted, i think, because often you don't need for the tools and tools option window for long, just the time to change some brush size or layer to work on.

BTW, sorry for the late answer.
The screenshots are low-res on purpose, to save bandwidth.

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