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> Would it be possible to create a function where the image is moved slightly
> between multiple scans.Besause the allignment of the original to the
> sacnning device changes different image data would be  picked up. And then
> have the information off these multiple image files combined to create a
> higher resolution image.

Yes, this technique is usually called "superresolution", for example:


> I have an idea, It might be done already or not feasable at all.
> Scanning a orignal image(Painting/drawing) the maximum resolution is
> dictated by the scanner hardware.

For oil paintings, the smallest features are the hairline cracks in
the paint surface at around 0.1mm. So there's no point going beyond
about 20 pixels/mm, or about 600 dpi. This is easy to achieve with
conventional lenses and large-format cameras.

The other factor is reproduction. What are you going to use all that
detail for? At 600 dpi you can make a high quality 2x lifesize print.
How often do you need to print larger than that?

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