Pär Forsling writes:
> Akkana Peck <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
(about problems Tab causes because the focus ends up in the wrong
window, and wanting a way to disable Tab).

> Have you posted a bug report to bugzilla about the wrong focus
> behaviour? Otherwise I'll do it.

I haven't, because the focus behavior is mostly normal window
manager behavior. It would be nice if GIMP could set focus back
to the image window after Tab brings back other windows, but that
seems fairly difficult to do in gtk. I wasn't confident such a bug
would be accepted.

And since I never actually want the Tab behavior anyway, and Tab
is so easy to hit by accident, I'd still like a way to disable it.
Grabbing the focus back would help in that correcting an accidental
Tab would only take one keystroke instead of a keystroke-plus-mouse-
out-plus-mouse-in; but I'd rather not have to correct it at all.

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