digi artist ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I have just been introduced to GIMP and think it is a great software.
> I would like to be able to customize it i.e. change menu options,
> Toolbox, hide the layer box on startup and change the splash screen.

Just close the layer box and it will stay closed - gimp does its own
session management, so that your dialogs will stay where they were on
last startup. You can edit the visible tools in the toolbox by changing
the order in the File->Dialogs->Tools dialog: Toggle the eye for the
visibility of the tool, drag the tools around to change the order in the

To change the menus you need to edit XML files and I actually don't
recommend this since it might make it harder for you to follow
tutorials. However, we are interested in feedback if you believe that
some changes to the menustructure would improve the usability.

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