After more than six months of work, the documentation team is proud to announce 
a new
release of the user manual for GIMP 2.2. This release features a lot of
improvements, in particular:

    * Spelling and grammar fixes for Czech, German, Dutch, Italian, English, 
Chinese and French
    * Restructuring of the manual into three parts: Introduction, Concepts and 
Tutorials, Reference
    * New language: Croatian
    * Technical fixes: Makefile updates, better images for the PDF
      version, CSS updates, new scripts for editing and validating the
      XML files
    * New GIMP Keys reference
    * New content in:
          o Filters, Menus for German
          o Tools, Dialogs for Italian
          o Filters for French, English
          o Concepts for Dutch
    * A lot of Bugfixes

You can download gimp-help-2-0.10 from:

Please keep in mind, that this release includes only the *DocBook/XML sources*. 
will provide prebuilt HTML tarballs as soon as possible.

The manual is written in DocBook/XML. Please help us to improve it and
to fix grammar and spelling errors. Every contributor who wants to help
us by providing DocBook/XML patches or just proof reads the manual is
very welcome.

You can find our new project page at:


Contributions from:  Axel Wernicke, Daniel Egger, Hans de Jonge, Tobias
Jakobs, Julien Hardelin, Raphaƫl Quinet, Markus Reinhardt, Raoul Keller,
Marco Marega, Cai Qian, Thomas Lotze, Joao S. O. Bueno Calligaris, Semka
KuloviƦ-Debals, Calum Mackay, Jakub Friedl, Alessandro Falappa, Marco

Thanks and Happy GIMPing!
Roman Joost
www: http://www.romanofski.de

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