On Dimanche 16 Avril 2006 18:44, Akkana Peck wrote:

> But it's likely that they've switched to gutenprint (new name, same
> project), and although there's a libgutenprint-dev package (at least
> here in Ubuntu), GIMP's configure script is only set up to look for
> older gimp-print headers, not the newer gutenprint ones.
> My understanding is that the gutenprint gimp plug-in is now expected
> to come from gutenprint, rather than from gimp. (Maybe someone else
> can clarify that.)
> In any case, it does work to build gutenprint from source
> (http://gutenprint.sourceforge.net/ ... and yes, the page still
> says Gimp-Print, but if you click on Download you'll find the
> gutenprint releases. It's all very confusing). Make sure that the
> gimp2 print plugin is enabled (I believe it is by default,
> at least if you have the gimp dev headers installed). Then the
> plugin will be built in the gutenprint source tree for use with
> your CVS gimp.

Thank you very much for you help. I'll try to compile gutenprint from 



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