Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2006 09:44:22 -0700
   From: Akkana Peck <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

   Frédéric writes:
   > I successfully compiled gimp-cvs under my debian testing, but without 
   > gimp-print support.
   > What do I need to install to get it ? I can't find any gimp-print-dev or 
   > package...

   When you're searching, be sure you use a search that would catch
   both "gimp-print" and "gimpprint", e.g. aptitude search gimp | grep

   But it's likely that they've switched to gutenprint (new name, same
   project), and although there's a libgutenprint-dev package (at
   least here in Ubuntu), GIMP's configure script is only set up to
   look for older gimp-print headers, not the newer gutenprint ones.

   My understanding is that the gutenprint gimp plug-in is now
   expected to come from gutenprint, rather than from gimp. (Maybe
   someone else can clarify that.)

   In any case, it does work to build gutenprint from source
   ( ... and yes, the page still
   says Gimp-Print, but if you click on Download you'll find the
   gutenprint releases. It's all very confusing). Make sure that the
   gimp2 print plugin is enabled (I believe it is by default, at least
   if you have the gimp dev headers installed). Then the plugin will
   be built in the gutenprint source tree for use with your CVS gimp.

The right thing to do here is to build the GIMP without print support,
and then build Gutenprint from source, as Akkana suggests.

Yes, we know that the web site names are confusing, but we don't have
anyone to create a new web site (i. e. we need help :-) ).

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