Hal V. Engel wrote:

> Also any projects that wants to apply needs to have their application in to 
> Goggle by the end of this month.  That leaves less than two weeks and I don't 
> see either GIMP or GEGL on the list of mentoring Organizations.

Bill Skaggs, who volunteered to be the organization administrator, has
already written a draft of the application mail. We want Sven or Mitch
to have a look at it before it is sent. There are also some other
project proposals, which are supposed to be presented here this week.

Also, my proposal doesn't arrive out of the blue. It is the result of a
discussion we had on IRC yesterday. Many of the more time-critical
things are discussed there, so if anyone is interested to be up to date,
lurking on channel #gimp on server irc.gimp.org can be useful.


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