Hi I am new to the development list and have some quetions pertaining to the direction of developement of Gimp, I realy like Gimp and use it frequesntly and have some vaige suggestions for what the developent path of Gimp may follow to give it an advantage and hopefully bring in new Gimp users and better the usablity of Linux in general.

 First off Most people compare Gimp to photoshop wich is a good direction to follow as they set the standard by addressing user needs though I feel Gimp should not be a Photoshop knock off and sort of develop in its own direction pertaining to the end users needs which I feel it does and seperated the knock off idea as GImp is following the needs of the user.

 Anyways there are a few directions where GImp may gain an advantage over other editing software by combinning user needs and there for features that would give it an advantage over other Graphical programs but this has to  be waighed against program bloat. Bloat may be eliviated by seperating Gimp into sections such as Photo editing and say for argument a Gimp paint shop and be able to make the open graphics window inteact with the different sections.

 Basicly what I am getting at is it may be possible to combine many user needs into one segmented package filling the needs of many users with such features found in other praphics programms such as Photo Shop, Paint shop pro and a biggie that I used to use which was the old COral Draw which I found very usefull in making custom banner adds etc from scratch.

 This would put Gimp in a graphical segment of its own and greatly increase user usabilty of Gimp and Linux in general.

  Anyways this is just a suggestion and maybe we can hammer something out that is workable for Gimp in the long run. And sont get me wrong Gimp is very useable now but I feel it may do so much more as Linux developement programs are a bit scarce though rumor has it that this is changing.

 Best Regards

 Tomasz Witko

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