Sorry, but I have to say that this seems very stupid to me.
To "scratch my itch" for the 2.3 version I had to install the whole
mingw/msys/gtk ... lot and compile.
Luckyly I succeded in this but I don't really know how and why (apart from
the excellent work of the development team of course).
Now I see that a little link could have saved me time (and disk space ;-))
and maybe brought to GIMP some more beta testers.
I can't understand the rationale behind this decision to hide the binaries.


"Michael Schumacher" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> ha scritto

> > Von: Frédéric <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > Do you know if someone maintains a binary of the Gimp devel branch, for 
> > Win32 ?
> Yes, Jernej Simoncic. They are available from the same site as the stable
> versions, but a bit more hidden - on purpose. We're hesitating to have
> people to use them unless they know what they are doing.
> HTH,
> Michael

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