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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (2006-04-18 at 1004.27 +0200):
> > I had some ideas:
> >  - Scripting languages and the GIMP - work on ruby or python bindings

I'd love to see a single unified interface shared by the various
Python-fu, Script-fu, Perl-fu etc and it might make a suitable project
since it is a limited self contained task.

> What is missing in python one? About more langs... well, it is nice,
> but it is also nice to have things that are completly finished instead
> of many half done.
> >  - Plug-ins: Save for web for example (too small to be a project, but
> > could be part of one)
> - Reorg the save workflow so there is only the save dialog and then
>   the "per format" dialog, which should include the current export
>   (flatten or save current drawable or as anim, apply masks or
>   discard, etc) and format details (compression, comments, sampling
>   ratio...).
> >  - Effect layers - I think this is fairly straightforward with the GIMP
> > as it is, it's a nice chunk of a project, and would be a nice feature
> > for users
> If you mean what PS calls adjustment layers, we were talking about
> this and layer groups in IRC yesterday. Running filters could be a bit
> more tricky (what about multiple drawable input?) specially as some
> are way slower than composing a bunch of layers in a slight different
> order than current (groups) and with other extra formulas (adj) that
> are still per pixel.
> >  - Vector layers (or replace GFig plug-in by Inkscape plug-in?)
> Layers sounds better as it allows "in line" work.

> Related would be: Non ortogonal guide system, useful for perspective
> works. Which could then be grouped to:

Is it really a line guide anymore if it isn't orthogonal (horizontal or
vertical)? Having seen the Perspective grid in Corel Paint it seems like a
much better way of providing what users want rather than overcomplicating

> - Healing tool: like clone tool with extra steps and special blend
>   mode.

Request for a Healing brush:

> A different thing:
> - Improve the save session support. Currently dock order and other
>   details are remembered. Remembering dettached menus and open/close
>   of expander widgets would be nice too, so would be values for
>   plugins.


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