> Now I see that a little link could have saved me time (and disk space ;-))
> and maybe brought to GIMP some more beta testers.
> I can't understand the rationale behind this decision to hide the binaries.

Paolo may be correct that a few beta-testers are "put off" by the effort of
compiling from source and that they might otherwise provide valuable feedback.
Nonetheless, adding "some more beta testers" is not always a good thing. I
think it does not take much inductive reasoning to foresee that hundreds of
Windows users who don't know what a DLL is would soon inundate the dozen or so
developers available who have to address problem reports. Many of these new 
beta-testers would have merely downloaded the "latest version" and have no idea
what beta-testing entails (I have seen this happen in the past).

If someone, like Paolo, wishes to ease the burden of compiling development
versions from source and still be able to contribute then I would suggest that
he get together with some like-minded people, and amongst themselves, share a
pre-compiled binary and discuss the problems they encounter. Only one amongst
the group would have to do the compiling and the group could work together to
not only find problems but investigate solutions. In addition, the veteran
members of the group could tutor the neophytes about the GIMP's development and
create some truly worthwhile "beta-testers".

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