On Wed, Apr 19, 2006 at 10:29:16PM +0300, Dov Grobgeld wrote:
> Hello,
> When reading about the ideas for the SoC, I was reminded of an idea I
> got when looking at a collegue showing me the L*bVi*w code development
> environment. By interactively dragging out various blocks with a
> different set of inputs and outputs and connecting these with
> connectors he basically created a "dataflow". In LV these are usually
> used for reading input from various HW sensors and displaying them in
> dials etc. As I was thinking about other uses for the same idea, I
> thought of two uses in Gimp. Either as what was mentioned on this list
> as "effect layers" or as an alternative way of creating scripts. The
> layer paridigm seems to be quite limited since it is effectively
> one-dimensional. I believe that creating a canvas containing effect
> boxes and connecting wires through which images and parameters would
> flow, would be an easier interface to comprehend.

While it would be a quite useful tool for abstract thinking people, I
think visually oriented users wouldn't see the use of that - after all,
you need a lot of imagination and it is a very structured approach.

Great for macro editing though! :-)

AFAIK, GEGL is supposed to allow such things by providing the needed
building blocks.

Hm. SoC project "build GEGL visual compisition graph editor"?



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