Okay, we are now on Google's list and have begun to put together
a project page, which you can find at http://wiki.gimp.org/gimp/SummerOfCode .
A couple of important points:

1) Ideally, a mentor for a project would be somebody who is capable
of doing the project him/herself without a lot of false starts and
hacking around, and only lacks the time for it.  If you aren't at
this level, you *might* still be a viable mentor, but only if you make
this clear and get a commitment from somebody with more knowledge to
give you whatever backup you will need.  Just because you are interested
in an idea does not mean that you are ready to mentor it.

2) If there is a project on the list that you are ready and willing
to mentor, please add your initials, or some other unique identifier,
to the description somewhere.  Multiple volunteers for a single
project are acceptable.

3) SoC students will probably be very enthusiastic and prepared to put
in hundreds of hours of work.  Don't be afraid to ask for things that
are difficult.  Conversely, be prepared to give regular guidance -- a
student with nothing to do because of lack of feedback will get very
frustrated very quickly.

All this being said, please add your ideas to the page, or modify
the ideas that are there.  Sven and Mitch should feel free to delete
ideas that they see as bad projects.  Ultimately we should get this
down to not more than a dozen clearly expressed and well-formulated

  -- Bill

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